WWE Offically Confirms ‘Tough Enough’


I’m really excited about this and I hope it’s as good as the original series.

from bleacherreport.com:

WWE: ‘Tough Enough’ Set To Return As USA Network Plans 3-Hour WWE Monday Nights


(Contributor) on January 3, 2011


Its appears USA Network is continuing to deepen its relationship with WWE by adding Tough Enough to the weekly lineup.

The revitalized Tough Enough series will debut on Monday, April 4, the night after WrestleMania 27, prior to Raw on USA Network.

According to the New York Times, which broke the story late Sunday night prior to WWE making an official announcement today, Tough Enough will air Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST prior to Raw at 9:00 p.m. EST to create a three-hour block of WWE programming on USA.

The revitalized reality competition show will feature 12 men and women competing for a one-year WWE contract.

WWE says they’re attempting to bring new viewers to regular WWE programming by offering the “scripted reality show” prior to the start of Raw.

“It’s a way to bring eyeballs to WWE product that wouldn’t necessarily watch a live event wrestling show,” said Kevin Dunn, WWE’s executive TV producer.

The Times’ report also focused on WWE’s plans to start its own cable TV network with Kevin Dunn saying WWE is currently “talking to partners” about launching a network.

NBC Universal, the parent company of USA Network, is reportedly one of those partners. NBCU’s imminent merger with Comcast will also be a factor.

“WWE executives have spoken publicly about wanting to start a cable channel, and the relationship with NBC and Comcast may prove useful,” the Times reports.

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