The WWE Hall of Fame: The REAL Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club

The WWE Hall of Fame: The REAL Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club

By: Smark Central

In a recent interview “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff stated that being in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame was a bigger honor than being in the WWE Hall of Fame because the WWE Hall of Fame is full of people who kiss Vince’s ass.  I could not agree more.

To emphasize this point, let’s look at what I consider to be the three biggest omissions from the WWE Hall.

1. Bruno Sammartino

Resume – 2x WWWF Champion.  His first reign lasted for 8 years while his second last for 4.  For those who have difficulty with math, that’s 12 fucking years as WWWF champion.  Sammartino was the most popular figure in the biggest territory (New York) until the days of Hulkamania began.  12 years is long time to be in the wrestling business let alone be the top guy.  What Bruno accomplished was nothing short of amazing.

Why he’s not in – The short version is that he had a major falling out w/Vince McMahon Jr.  Once Vince Jr. took over the WWWF from his father and named it the WWF, he wanted to take the company global using more of a showbiz approach to wrestling which we today know as “Sports Entertainment”.  Sammartino didn’t like this approach as he was a big proponent of the realism and skill that went into wrestling.  If that wasn’t bad enough his son David, an aspiring wrestler was fired for being well…awful.  Despite Vince’s cold hearted business man approach he gave the kid a shot for all that Bruno had done for the company and it just didn’t work out.  David was given the boot which set Bruno off on his mission to destroy the WWF and its drug rampant, Hollywood wannabe image.  Bruno went so far as to be a key player against the WWF in a sexual harassment suit brought on by an ex-WWF employee who claimed that he was not only supposed to kiss asses, but literally suck someone’s dick for a job.  The suit was eventually thrown out, but it drove a huge wedge between the two.

Possibilities for Induction – He will probably never be inducted while he is alive.  He has refused to be a part of today’s product in any way, shape, or form.  The closest he came was when he and Vince had a brief meeting in Pittsburgh before a RAW show where he declined a DVD project and an offer the do some work for the WWE 24/7 pieces.  If anything he will be inducted posthumously by the WWE in some forgettable induction where no one significant in Bruno’s life will participate.

2. The Macho Man Randy Savage

Resume – 2x WWE Champion, 4x WCW champion, 1x I.C. Champion, 2x King of the Ring (87 & 89).  Known as one of the most unique and engaging superstars of all time for his crazy outfits, insane promos, and patented flying elbow drop.  The Madness as he was known was a big part of the wrestling boom in the 1980’s where he had many memorable feuds and matches including his greatest, an I.C. championship loss to Ricky Steamboat in front of 93,000 plus people at WrestleMania III.  That match still to this day is considered by many as the greatest in WWE history.

Why he’s not in – Another wrestler who had a major falling out w/Vince McMahon except this one was over his own status.  Vince felt that Savage’s star had faded and that he should stay behind the broadcast booth where he had been for almost 2 years.  Savage felt he had a lot left and still wanted to contribute in the ring.  Neither man budged, they had a very heated exchanged, and Savage was gone.  There is another crazy rumor that Savage had sex w/Stephanie McMahon, but I don’t buy that.  It just seems a little crazy, even for Savage.

Possibilities for Induction – I say they are improving as time goes on.  In 2009, WWE finally released a Macho Man DVD and while it was nothing to write home about, it was more recognition than he had gotten in 10 years.  Then in just the last few weeks Mattel released the first Macho Man action figure in 16 years so it seems as though the ice is thawing a bit on both sides.  Hopefully this will lead to Savage being offered and accepting an induction in the near future.

3. The Ultimate Warrior

Resume – 1x WWE Champion, 2x I.C. Champion.  He was the first wrestler to ever hold the I.C. and WWE titles at the same time (he and HHH are the only two who have ever done it).  The Warrior is one of the most intense and original superstars of all time.  The man from parts unknown certainly was no wizard at the art of wrestling, but he captured the attention of fans everywhere with his rainbow colored face, flailing tassels, and intense style.  The Warrior only had 1 WWE title reign, but it lasted over 8 months (one of the longest reigns of the 90’s) and help lead him to his greatest rivalry against Macho Man Randy Savage which culminated in a career ending match at WrestleMania VII where the Warrior was victorious.

Why he’s not in – No one has had more battles with Vince McMahon outside the ring than the Warrior.  In 1996 and 1998, Warrior battled the WWE over the rights the Ultimate Warrior name and character.  They eventually settled the matter where Warrior could use everything but the word “Ultimate” as part of the character.  In 2005, the WWE would release a DVD entitled “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” in which McMahon and many superstars expressed negative views of the Ultimate Warrior’s overall career (including the character and mannerisms which WWE did not own thanks to the previous lawsuit).  Vince also spoke of his business relationship w/the Warrior including all the firings and re-hiring’s during the 90’s.  This lead to Warrior filing a defamation lawsuit against Vince and the WWE in 2006 claiming the WWE showed a bias depiction of his career.  Unfortunately for the Warrior he would not go to 2-0 in court against Vince as the suit was thrown out in 2009.

Possibilities for Induction – This year is out as WWE seems likely to do WCW themed inductions.  However, like Savage, I feel the outlook is getting better.  Warrior has said for years that he would not accept an induction as he wants nothing to do with the company that lied to him and tried to hurt him for years.  However, as recently as last year he said he would consider it if he and Vince could sit down and work out their differences which Warrior said both parties were willing to do.

Other names of concern:

Sting –

Many feel the only thing preventing this one is the fact that Sting is technically still under TNA contract.  However, I don’t think Vince will be so willing to induct him after the contract w/TNA is up.  Let’s not forget the whole reason for this article – Vince is an out of control ego maniac and in my opinion he’s not likely to induct a guy who has never worked for him.  Yes, he’s opened the doors to Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkles (who have also never worked for him), but those two are quite irrelevant to almost anyone who watches WWE programming these days.  Sting is probably the biggest name to never work for WWE and Vince isn’t going to just give in for somebody who flat out refused to work for him his entire career.  If Sting agreed to a match at WrestleMania, I’m sure Vince would change his mind, but that’s not likely to happen.

Kurt Angle –

Another current TNA star, but again that’s not the deterrent for Vince.  Angle had an ugly departure from the WWE in which Angle was accused of rampant drug use and Angle accused WWE of overworking him.   Angle took some parting shots at HHH as well which as we know always leads to trouble.  Angle has also ranted and raved constantly about the company (for good or bad) since he left.  I think Vince would induct Kurt.  The guys above have committed much greater atrocities against him and the company so I can’t see Vince holding this one back.

The Road Warriors/L.O.D. –

I am SHOCKED these two have not been inducted yet.  They are in my mind and in many other’s minds THE greatest tag team of all time.  I have no clue what the WWE is waiting for.  As far as I know there is no heat between Animal and Vince (except for the lack of induction) so this one is a big mystery.  You would think that w/Animal’s brother John Laurenitis (Johnny Ace) being the V.P. of talent for the last 8 years, the Road Warriors would have already been in.  Maybe this is the year since WWE is planning WCW/NWA themed inductions and the Warriors were certainly a big part of that group.  If not, it better be soon.

All of these are shameful exclusions and need to be corrected.  The Hall of Fame is supposed to be for the fans and in some ways it is, but it a lot more ways, its Vince’s way of trying to re-write history.  Yes, I would be happy if some of these people got in, but its not going to mean much if they have to ass kiss their way in.  That’s not what it should be about.  If you work for the guy, I can understand some butt kissing.  Hell, we all do it at times, but it’s not for people who haven’t worked for the guy for 10+ years and Vince needs to understand that.  What happened between him and these guys is a thing of the past and should stay in the past.  Vince needs to put his ego aside and give the fans what they deserve – a completed Hall of Fame.

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