Cos Reviews: ‘Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup’


Just finished watching ‘Loose Change: An American Coup’, a documentary about conspiracies surrounding 9/11. I know, I know, a very controversial thing, but I’ve been into hearing both sides of any and all topics for a long time. I feel like if I don’t entertain both sides to every story and at least hear out what the other side might have to say, I’m missing out on a lot of information and I have to say, ‘Loose Change’ along with many other documentaries seem to have  very interesting and thought provoking concepts.

I think in this day and age, to simply pass up on hearing about another side of a story simply because you feel you have already heard the truth is both lazy and a very uneducated way of thinking. Going blind, as I seem to call it, just isn’t the way to go. Like I was taught in college, before making a decision you need to find all sides of a story before you can safely have your own view. I find that many people take what they see on television or are spoon fed at face value and never question it, because, why would anyone lie?

I’m not saying that I 100% believe what was said on ‘Loose Change’ or any other 9/11 conspiracy documentary (like ‘Zeitgeist: The Movie’), but I feel like with books like The DaVinci Code they can open our minds to things that we have been forced to believe simply because “we have to!” I’ve always questioned things, because I feel like I need to learn the truth about things. Maybe it was growing up watching ‘The X-Files’ or things like that, that made me think outside the box, and yeah, I know, what a real model for my questioning, a fictional television show. But, I am of the mind that anything that leads us to think and question can only lead to better questions and hopefully answers.


I started watching ‘Loose Change’ way back while we were still living in the apartment. Prior to this I had only seen a short video that was sent to me in college about a possible conspiracy that peaked my interest and bored one day I started watching ‘Loose Change’. But then I kept finding out that they are many versions of ‘Loose Change’ (I believe there must be at least 3 versions, if not the version I saw on Netflix was number 4) and I quickly lost track of where I was at a giving time and ultimately time led me to click off of the video and it was forgotten.

About two months ago I was able to hook up my Wii to the internet and we have been happily watching videos on there and I came across ‘Loose Change’ and decided it was time to revisit it and I have to say despite the fact that the people who were in charge of making the video were all either inexperienced filmmakers or film students right out of college, they did a damn good job and they covered most if not all of their bases.

This isn’t a Michael Moore type of movie, and I am a big fan of Michael Moore, yet someone else that even if you don’t agree with him, you have to at least walk away with more of an open mind to things once you leave one of his movies. I still don’t get why people don’t question things, isn’t that one of our rights and our freedoms? I don’t want to get on this soap box but, come on now. I know that there could be a lot of things in this documentary that are not accurate but those things lead me to research and discover other things. Recently I bought American Conspiraries written by Jesse Ventura (Yes, Jesse “The Body” Ventura) that came out right around the time his TruTV show ‘Conspiracy Theory’ came out and I know you can’t read something like that and believe everything at face value. And I’m a big fan of reading something and researching and finding out more information from other sources. I just felt that the book was main stream enough to be a fun read but thought provoking enough to give me ideas to look up.

Getting back on track, what I am trying to get at here is that even if you don’t believe that there was a conspiracy, (and there very well may not have been, because to try and hide something that big with so many intricate pieces is damn close to impossible, and history has shown that even when everyone thinks all the cogs in the machine are nicely oiled, there are always those hidden pieces that tend to slip through the cracks and release information that is deadly to the cause. And aside from many conspiracy theorist and regular folks who think outside of the box, like me, there have not been any bona fide journalists that have cracked any codes that have set the world on fire when it comes to 9/11. Most just get lost in the shuffle.) simply seeing what the people question should spark ideas in people’s minds, even if they only begin to question.

Maybe some people are afraid to question, questioning can lead to revolutionary ideas, scientist question things all the time and are very rarely chastised for it because of their finds. Children question  and are curious about everything and need to know answers all the time and they usually walk away from the situation at least learning something. We question things all the time…

Questioning should never hurt anyone; if at all leave scars.

Even the age old proverb of “Curiosity killed the cat…” has a lesser known ending of “but satisfaction brought him back…”

I challenge anyone to try and read something about the 9/11 conspiracy theory and let me know what you think, or look up ‘Loose Change’ or even “Zeitgeist: The Movie” and even if you don’t believe a single thing that they say, tell me that it didn’t make you think or dare I say, question…

Final thought: I know this is a review of a movie and I barely spoke about the movie itself. I would highly recommend watching this movie, I wouldn’t make it a Friday night movie to go home and relax too, but I would make it a “I have an hour and thirty eight minutes with nothing to do”. An exceptionally well made documentary, that won’t win any awards based on untested information that it backs up its information with quotes, footage, interviews, and news reports, but it will poke at your mind and hopefully give you something worth thinking about.

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